Many who barely shared their work beyond a darkened room are now sharing it with friends and strangers alike. Some are finding success through author websites of their own making. Some are writing articles for papers and magazines. Most importantly, we’re all writing. Alone or in collaboration, there are so many projects on the boil.

The Typhon Expanse was the largest collaborative project we’ve ever done, and we followed it through to the end. Even after a big project like that done and dusted, still our writers yearn for more. After very extensive brainstorming and group conversations, we have decided on a new anthology, titled Omens. I’m very excited to see what comes of that in the months ahead.

Nanowrimo is almost upon us! Several brave souls within the group have stepped forward to take up the challenge and write 50,000 words in November. That’s no small feat of wit, cunning and copious amounts of chocolate and coffee, but it can and has been accomplished by many before us. And we will triumph. From start to finish we will ride the wave that is nanowrimo. When the time comes, I’ll keep you informed on the progress of our members. Stay tuned in November.